December 7, 2016  -  We have updated our 2015 PowerPoint (previously posted) on Third-Party Certification and Food Supply-Chain Risk-Management. Our Reading List in the PDF posted below has been updated to include important new books by Frank Yiannas, MPH and Professor Neal Fortin. The second edition of Fortin's text - Food Regulation: Law, Science, Policy and Practice -  was released on December 1 by Wiley Science. Neal Fortin heads the Food Law Programs at Michigan State and it was my privilege to have him as my Thesis Advisor  for my first MS degree at Michigan State. Bill Shanahan of our firm is currently an LLM Candidate in Neal's LLM Food Law Program. Frank Yiannas is a frequent lecturer at Michigan State and is well known in the Food World from his important position at Wal-Mart.

Our update of this power point includes additional discussion of GFSI and we have added several slides on Risk-Management and Statistical Sampling Protocols.